My name is Michael Dickson.  I am a professional philosopher licensed by the University of Notre Dame to practice philosophy in every state except Montana, and employed by the University of South Carolina to do research and to teach the great citizens of South Carolina (and to attend silly meetings and fill out lots of unnecessary paperwork, but who’s counting?).

I work primarily in philosophy of science, specializing in physics.  My work there centers on quantum theory, especially its algebraic formulation, although recently I have also been doing work in the areas of probability theory and information theory.  I have also begun working in evolutionary game theory and, when all that theory is just too e-theory-al, I work on practical applications of multi-criterion decision analysis, especially in the context of environmental decision-making.

I am the proud father of three children (pictured right) and two bicycles (the favored of which is pictured right), and I enjoy (OK, I’m obsessed by) triathlon racing at all distances from sprint to Ironman.  When I’m not working, spending time with my family, or swimming, biking, and running, I enjoy playing classical guitar (still learning!), disc golf, rock climbing, and cooking.

Thanks for dropping by.  Now get out there and DO something!

me riding in the Downtown Columbia Triathlon

A Bit About Me

Hello and welcome!  This site is my general-purpose site, including both personal and professional material and stuff in between.

Those looking for my professional articles and related information, click ‘Philosophy Stuff’ in the menu above.  Or just poke around!

James, while rock hounding on Route 66
Muireall eating lunch with her Dad
my Orbea Ora
Samuel, playing guiter